In order to avert the unclaimed number of water permits with NWRB and to have an effective management and equitable allocation of the available water supply, there is a need to cancel/revoke the unclaimed water permits to be able to reallocate the volume granted to the new water permit applicants. The proposed policy guidelines shall govern the cancellation process of unclaimed water permits:

1. The NWRB shall issue Notice of Approval (NOA) for all approved water permits and the same shall be sent through the registered email address. The list of approved water permits shall also be posted on the NWRB official website.

2. All approved water permits not claimed within the prescribed period of six (6) months upon receipt of the NOA shall be posted in the NWRB official website and copy furnished the DENR-WRUS Regional Offices for posting. All unclaimed water permits within the prescribed period shall be cancelled/revoked.

3. The water permit grantee may claim the water permit/s within the prescribed period, provided that the permittee shall pay the stipulated Annual Water Charge (AWC) in the water permit prior to the release of the permit/s.

4. Those with cancelled water permit/s are immediately directed to cease and desist from further appropriating water from its source.

The volume of water granted under the cancelled water permits shall be considered as “available water for appropriation”.

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