The NWRB has issued Board Resolution No. 003-0107 entitled “Resolution Authorizing the Executive Director to Grant Staggard Payment on Accrued Annual Water Charges, Supervision and Regulation Fee and Penalties” which authorizes the Executive Director to grant the request for staggard payment of accrued annual water charges, supervision and regulation fees and penalties of permittees/grantees within a period of one (1) year.

 In spite of the Board Resolution, numerous permittees/grantees are still not able to settle their accrued water charges, regulation fees and penalties due to different reasons such as financial difficulties, negligence and delayed acceptance of SOA for annual water charges and supervision and regulation fees.  Nevertheless, most permittees/grantees showed willingness to resolve their obligations, thus, are requesting for a more lenient mode of payment for the accrued obligations.

 For these reasons, the following policy guidelines are hereby recommended:

A.  For Annual Water Charge (AWC)

  1.  Permittees/grantees may opt to pay with any of the following scheme as periodic payment of accrued obligations commencing from the date of approval of request payable in installment which shall be divided in equal amount:

Amount to be


Maximum Number

of years to pay

Payment Scheme


30,000 – 100,000

One (1) year

a. Shall pay on a monthly


b. Shall pay quarterly or every three (3) months; or

c. Shall      pay      every semester or every six

(6) months

> 100,000

Two (2) years




  1.  Payment of the accrued annual water charge shall be paid on top of the annual water charge for the current year.
  2. Non-payment of Annual Water Charge for a period of three (3) consecutive years shall be subject for cancellation of its water permit.

B. For Supervision and Regulation Fees (SRF)

1. The following schemes shall be applied:

       a. Shall pay in installment which shall be divided in equal amount on a monthly basis; or

       b. Shall pay quarterly or every three (3) months

 2. All fees shall be payable on or before September 30th of each year, subject to a penalty of 50% in case of delinquency plus an additional surcharge of one percentum (1%) per month paid after 60 days from the aforementioned date.

 3. For non-payment of Supervision and Regulation Fees, the grantee will not be allowed to renew or apply for a new Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) unless the SRF and other appropriate penalty/ies are paid in full.

C. For obligations not fully paid within the given period of time, an additional surcharge of two percent (2%) per month shall be charged based on the unpaid balance which shall then be paid in full on a one-time basis within a period of 60 days reckoning from the date of its last installment payment.

D. A permittee/grantee with accrued annual water charges, supervision and regulation fees and penalties derived from the statement of account (SOA) received must submit to the NWRB their request by filling-up a Staggard Payment Request Form available at the NWRB office or through its website. The permittee/grantee may also submit a letter- request for a staggard payment indicating which option of the payment scheme will be used.

E. All submitted requests shall be subject for review and approval by the Division Head of the Administrative and Financial Division (AFD). Once approved, the permittee/grantee shall be notified by the AFD indicating the starting date of the preferred payment scheme through email or any other means of communications.

F. All payments can be made to the NWRB Office or through the UCPB. If payments have been made, the permittee/grantee shall furnish the NWRB a photocopy of the Official Receipt or machine-validated Bills Payment Slip if paid through the bank for record purposes.


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