Contingency Plan to address possible water shortage in Metro Manila

- NWRB shall maintain maximum water allocation for MWSS from the Angat Reservoir to ensure adequate water supply in Metro Manila.

- Temporarily allow MWSS to use its existing deepwells to augment water supply for its two concessionaires (i.e. Manila Water) for the duration of the El Niño to be used for the affected communities

- Temporarily re-open deepwells that were previously closed and sealed subject to the control and monitoring of NWRB for critical services (e.g. Hospital use)

- Conduct  aggressive  information,  education  and  communication  campaign  on  water conservation and water recycling.

- Conduct aggressive monitoring of water wastage in Metro Manila and address the concern immediately.

- Closely  coordinate  with  the  NWRB  Technical  Working  Group  on  the  Angat  Dam Operations to ascertain sufficient water supply in Metro Manila.