NWRB leads the inauguration of monitoring wells in Iloilo

March 19, 2015

NWRB representatives headed by Deputy Executive Director Jorge Estioko led the inauguration, blessing and turn-over ceremony of two new groundwater monitoring wells constructed at the Felix Amparado Memorial Elementary School (FAMES) and Gelacio Allones Memorial Elementary School (GAMES) in Alimodian, Iloilo.

During the ceremony, Deputy Executive Director Estioko stated that the inauguration of monitoring wells is very timely because it coincided with the celebration of Philippine Water Week and World Water Day 2015. He said that NWRB is thankful to the municipality of Alimodian, through Mayor Alonsabe, for allowing the agency to be its collaborator in the undertaking.

In response, Mayor Alonsabe thanked NWRB for choosing the elementary schools in their municipality  as the location of the monitoring wells. He commended the agency by bestowing plaques of appreciation to the agency and to the Deputy Executive Director.

Mayor Alonsabe and Deputy Executive Director Estioko, together with the school principals and  Parent-Teacher Association officials, inked a statement of turn-over and acceptance. All parties pledged to protect the infrastructure built in the municipality.