NARBO celebrates 10th year anniversary in Manila

NARBOIn celebration of NARBO's 10th year anniversary, a two-day conference was held at the Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila, Ortigas Center on November 19 to 20 participated by member organizations  and partners.
Working with the theme “Looking back a decade of NARBO Achievements and identifying the future direction of NARBO,” this year's celebration was packed with several presentations and workshops to take stock of its achievements,  identify the lessons learned and track its directions in the coming years.

As a result of the discussions, outcome documents were concluded including the Manila Declaration. It states that NARBO members:
1.    Recognize that IWRM is a useful concept to cope with the complex issues affecting water security such as, water-food-energy nexus and climate change;
2.    Re-affirm that IWRM is an adaptive management process that adopts an inclusive approach bringing stakeholders together to increase water security and improve water governance in river basins;
3.    Re-acknowledge significance of River Basin Organizations (RBOs) as champions that implement IWRM in their river basins, and believe that benchmarking contributes to improving their performance;
4.    Continue to use the UNESCO/NARBO ‘IWRM Spiral’ model and related training for improving IWRM capacity, and using locally adapted guidelines for implementing IWRM in our river basins;
5.    Endeavour to enhance our contributions to NARBO by active participation in regional activities for sustainability and to increase country-level NARBO activities for better networking in our countries;
6.    Believe that in the spirit of sustaining existing efforts and further achieving water for all, young leaders should be trained, supported and involved in IWRM;
7.    Continue to ensure gender balance in NARBO activities;
8.    Resolve to contribute to the achievements of the international goals on IWRM such as, the POST-2015 Agenda (Sustainable Development Goals) and OECD Water Governance Initiatives; and
9.    Endeavour to improve our engagement with donors, UN-agencies, civil society, private sector, decision-makers and with actors outside the water sector to ensure that water is integrated into key socio-economic development decisions.

The Network of Asian River Basin Organizations (NARBO) was established in February 2004 in Indonesia. Its objectives are to promote and achieve Integrated Water Resources MANAGEMENT (IWRM) and to improve water governance in Asian River Basins; and enhance the capacity and effectiveness of river basin organizations (RBOS). From the 43 member organizations  in 2004 it rose to 84 representing 18 countries. The National Water Resources Board, Laguna Lake Development Authority and Davao Help Network are member organizations from the Philippines.