NWRB plans for a better 2015

NWRB officials and employees enjoined in the 2014 Reprogramming and Team Building to review the year's accomplishments and plan 2015 activities for the agency's enhanced delivery of public service.

In his opening statement at the reprogramming activity on the first day, Dr. Sevillo David Jr. emphasized that NWRB must show the relevance of the agency to the Filipino public by looking and catering to the services that they need.

The initial day was packed with great ideas and fruitful discussions as the management committee members shared insights about the reports of NWRB's five division heads from the Policy and Program, Water Rights, Water Utilities, Monitoring and Enforcement, and Administrative and Financial. Dr. David constructively expressed his remarks on each program and project geared for 2015.

Fun-filled team building games and activities happened at night and in the next day to promote stronger working relationship and camaraderie among the personnel of the agency.