NWRB conducted a three-day site inspection of five completed and two under-construction groundwater monitoring wells in Alimodian, San Miguel, Oton, and Pavia towns in Iloilo on October 20-23, 2014.

In Alimodian, one completed groundwater monitoring well was subjected to water testing while the other under-construction well was visited for field checking.

Meanwhile in San Miguel, the team coordinated with the barangay captain and municipal engineer regarding the upcoming groundbreaking of one monitoring well in the area. It was agreed that it will be constructed in the corner of the barangay lot.

A total of four groundwater monitoring wells in Oton (2) and Pavia (2) were tested based on its water level, water quality parameters, salinity, electric conductivity, color and isotope analysis.

During the visit in Oton, the inspection team attended a seminar orientation on the water permit processing and application hosted by the municipality. Among the matters raised involving NWRB are: 1. Request to pilot the acceptance of water permit application in Oton through MENRO office of LGU; 2. Exemption of farmers from paying irrigators fee; 3. Request for deputization; 4. Petition for an inventory of all water users; 5. Request that all business permit applicants show a proof of water permit or water permit application. The seminar was attended by more than seventy participants mostly from water refilling stations, poultry and livestock industries.