Water Rights Division frequently ask questions :

Who are qualified to file an application?

  • Filipino citizen
  • Associations, duly registered cooperatives and corporations organized under the law of the Philippines, with at least 60% capital is owned by Filipino citizen/s.
  • Government entities and instrumentalities, including government-owned and controlled corporations.

Where to file the application?

  • NWRB office, deputized agent in the province where the point of diversion is situated in the case of appropriation of water or where the project is located.

Who are the deputized agents of the NWRB?

  • The NWRB's deputized agents are DPWH, NIA, NPC and Water Districts.

What are the purposes for which water permits may be granted?

  • Water permits may be granted for any of the following purposes:
  • Domestic, Irrigation, Power, Fisheries, Industrial, Livestock, Recreational and Commercial

What happens if there is a protest against a water permit application?

  • The Water Rights Division of the NWRB shall conduct a hearing to determine the merits of the protest and whether or not the application may be given due cause.

What happens if the protest is found to be not meritorian after hearing?

  • The NWRB will proceed to process the application for water permit. A Technical Appraisal will be conducted by NWRB or its deputized agent in the area. where the application was indorsed or determine the following:
    1. The approximate discharge of the water sources;
    2. The amount of water already appropriated for beneficial use;
    3. The water requirment of the applicant as determine from the Board's standards of beneficial use;
    4. Possible adverse effects on existing grantees/permittees on public/private interest;
    5. Environmental Effects;
    6. Land-use economics;
    7. In case of irrigation purpose, whether the area to be irrigated can be integrated with that of an existing or proposed irrigation association for common irrigation facilities;
    8. Other relevant factors

Are there any other documents that may be required after a technical appraisal is conducted by NWRB or its deputized agent?

  • If yes, if the service is groundwater, then applicant will be issued a permit to Drill (PTD) and will be required to submit well drilling data.