Mandated Laws

P.D. 424     
Creating the National Water Resources Council (NWRC).

P.D. 1067  (Water Code of the Philippines and its Amended IRR)
Revising and consolidating the laws governing  the ownership, appropriation, utilization, exploitation, development, conservation and protection of water resources.

P.D. 1206 
Assigning the residual functions of the Board of Waterworks and the defunct Public Service Commission to NWRC.

E.O. 124 -A 
Renaming NWRC to NWRB and transferring technical functions of BRS of DPWH.

E.O. 123
Reconstituting the NWRB Board

E.O. 860
Redefining the composition of the NWRB Board; returning the regulation of WDs to LWUA and transferring NWRB to DENR.



Clean Water Act

Climate Change Act of 2009

Local Government Code

Commonwealth Act 146 (The Public Service Law)

Philippine Constitution