Governance is “the exercise of economic, political and administrative authority to manage a country's affairs at all levels.  It comprises the mechanisms, processes and institutions, through which citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their obligations and mediate their differences (UNDP 1997). In order to say that governance is good, UNDP further states that the it should be “participatory, transparent, accountable, effective, equitable, promotes the rule of law, addresses priorities and makes decisions based on broad consensus, including especially the concerns of the poorest and the most vulnerable in society; and formulates a strategic vision to achieve sustainable human development.”

The Philippine Framework Plan for Women describes good governance that is gender-responsive as one that enhances the abilities of women and men to contribute to and benefit from development.

GAD Guiding Documents


NWRB Approved Gender and Development Plan and Budget 2021

Just in time for the Women's Month celebration, the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) has endorsed and approved the NWRB Annual Gender and Development Plan and Budget for fiscal year 2021 on March 18. This is a milestone for NWRB considering the rigorous preparation and approval process of such a plan.

The NWRB GAD Focal System led by Engr. Susan P. Abano has come up with several exciting activities that will cater the requirements of NWRB clients and employees in terms of gender and development.

Approved GAD-APB 2021 (Download here)

 2021 National Women’s Month

The 2021 National Women’s Month Celebration serves as a tribute, a platform, and a call to action that highlights the extraordinary roles of ordinary Juanas in the society as trailblazers and harbingers of change. This celebration is also a venue to discuss and address the issues that women continue to face so empowerment can be fully achieved. The campaign is also a call for concrete, sustainable, and inclusive actions towards gender equality.

2017-2022 NWMC theme: WE Make CHANGE Work for Women



The 2017-2022 NWMC generally aims to:

  • inform and engage women as stakeholders of government programs and services – to promote citizen-centric governance and make “change” a conscious effort to know, understand, and provide what ALL citizens need
  • create and facilitate platforms to discuss good practices, gaps, challenges, and commitments in pursuing gender and development (GAD) – to strengthen implementation of the Magna Carta of Women
  • inspire and empower women and girls to be agents of change – to contribute in promoting gender equality and the empowerment of all women

Thus, government agencies and local government units shall ensure that their programs and activities for the NWMC contribute in achieving these objectives and the focus of the 2021 celebration.

Juana Laban sa Pandemya: Kaya!

This year’s campaign is different from the previous ones because it is set in the COVID-19 pandemic backdrop, which posed both challenges and opportunities for women. Hence, this year’s observance highlights women’s participation in battling the pandemic as well as discusses gender issues exacerbated by the pandemic. It is the time to delve deep into the gender issues that emerged or become more felt during the health crisis, feature women who thrived despite the circumstances, and share support systems and government programs that address women’s issues and concerns.

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