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Suspension on the Acceptance of New Water Permit Applications in Tagbilaran City, Baclayon and Panglao Island
NWRB Res. No. 29-0522 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on May 24, 2022 that suspends the acceptance of new water permit applications in Tagbilaran City, Baclayon and Panglao Island where the proposed water sources are deepwells and shallow wells. Petitions for increase of water volume within the said areas are also suspended
Policy on Streamlining and Process Improvement of NWRB's Frontline Services in Compliance with R.A. 11032, as Revised 2022
NWRB Res. No. 21-0322 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on March 30, 2022 which provides the amendment to Res. No. 15-0719 on streamlining and process improvements of NWRB's frontline services to be harmonized with existing special laws and/or IRRs and to be consistent with the Agency's updated Citizen's Charter.
Extension of Time on the Submission of Annual Report and Payment of Supervision and Regulation Fees During the State of Public Health Emergency
NWRB Res. No. 26-0222 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on February 16, 2022 which provides CPC grantees a two (2) months extension period on the submission of Annual Reports and payment of Supervision and Regulation Fees, which fall due on May 30, 2022 and September 30, 2022, respectively during the State of Public Health Emergency.
Amendment on the Extension of Validity of Conditional Water Permit During the State of Public Health Emergency
NWRB Res. No. 05-0320-B was approved by the Board on its meeting held on 27 October 2021 which provides that all CWPs  that have expired after 30 September 2021 including those with granted extensions shall be valid until Sept. 30, 2022, unless Proclamation No. 1218 S 2021 is earlier lifted or extended as the circumstances may warrant. In the case where the said proclamation is earlier lifted, a 30-day grace period shall render the above-mentioned CWPs to still be valid from the date of lifting.

 NWRB conducts Virtual Education Campaign Sessions on Groundwater: Making the invisible, visible

In celebration of the Philippine Water Week and World Water Day 2022, the National Water Resources Board conducted a series of virtual education campaigns (VECs) evolving in the theme Groundwater: Making the invisible, visible on March 18, 2022 via Zoom.

During the morning session of the two-part webinar series, NWRB Executive Director Sevillo D. David Jr., addressed the youth audience on how they can contribute to the water resources management in the country. He said that it is significant that the young people are educating themselves about the importance of water through attending information campaigns.

The initial part focused on the topics about Groundwater Basics, Climate Change Impacts on Groundwater and Water Conservation. These were presented by Mr. Reynar Rollan (hydrogeologist), Engr. Josephine Billones (NWRB Engineer IV) and Ms. Heleena Claire P. Espina (NWRB Information Officer IV).

In the latter part of the VEC series, Dr. David remarked that our stakeholders and clients must be informed about the newest updates on the agency’s policy guidelines and procedures. Hence, the session was conducted to reach out to the agency’s clientele for information dissemination and to gather feedback from them.

The afternoon session focused on the processes and programs of NWRB specifically on Water Permit Application Process and NWRB Initiatives and Policies on Water Resources Management. These were presented by NWRB in-house experts Ms. Mary Jane Dominguez (Water Permit Section Head), Engr. Susan Abano (Policy and Program Division Chief) and Engr. Mariane Yumul (Policy Formulation Section Head).