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Advisory suspensionAugust21 2021

Further Amending the Policy Guidelines on the Processing and Issuance of Water Permits (WPs) and Conditional Water Permits (CWPs)
NWRB Res. No. 15-0921 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on September 22, 2021 which provides that all holders of CWP for municipal use shall secure a CPC and maintain the same in good standing until the WP has been issued, otherwise, the CWP will be cancelled or revoked. On the other hand, all holders of a WP for municipal use shall maintain the legality and good standing of a CPC, otherwise the same can be a ground for the cancellation of the WP. Likewise, water permittees for municipal use not required by law to secure a CPC shall also maintain their WPs in good standing, otherwise the same may be cancelled or revoked.
Standard Rules and Regulations in the Operation of Waterworks Systems, As Revised 2021
NWRB Res. No. 14-0921 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on September 22, 2021 which embodies modifications on the existing rules and regulations in the operations of waterworks systems.
Granting of Authority to Executive Director and/or Deputy Executive Director to Represent NWRB in All Civil and Administrative Cases
NWRB Res. No. 14-0821 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on August 25, 2021 that grants authority to the Executive Director and/or Deputy Executive Director to represent NWRB in all civil and administrative cases where NWRB is a party, either as a complainant/petitioner or respondent/defendant, before any court of law or such other tribunals.
Extension of Time on the Submission of Annual Report and Payment of Supervision and Regulation Fees During the State of Public Health Emergency
NWRB Res. No. 05-0221 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on February 17, 2021 which provides CPC grantees a two (2) months extension period on the submission of Annual Reports and payment of Supervision and Regulation Fees, which fall due on May 30, 2021 and September 30, 2021, respectively during the State of Public Health Emergency.

NWRB, GWP-SEA and PWP hold the 2021 IWRM ConferenceGWP SEA

The National Water Resources Board (NWRB), together with the Global Water Partnership-Southeast Asia (GWP-SEA) and Philippine Water Partnership (PWP), conducted the 2021 virtual Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Conference on November 16, 2021 via Zoom as part of the 3-year project of the NWRB entitled: “Water Security Multi-Stakeholders Action Plan”.

In his opening remarks, NWRB Executive Director Sevillo D. David Jr. welcomed the participants and stated, “we encourage the participants to provide inputs for draft policies to make the discussion more informative and reflect everyone’s ideas”.

The topics discussed were the following: Highlights of Survey on the Degree of IWRM Implementation by Engr. Josephine Billones of NWRB; Highlights of Thematic Assessment and Way Forward by Atty. Nathaniel C. Santos, former PWP Chairman; Result of FGD conducted by the UPLB Interdisciplinary Studies Center for Water; and Integrated Water Security Open Program Launch by Mr. Fany Wedahuditama – GWP-SEA Regional Coordinator. After the discussion, the audience actively participated in the open forum.
At the end of the seminar, NEDA Assistant Secretary Roderick Planta explained that instead of memorizing the long definition of the IWRM, he suggested trying to simplify it and look up the main principle of the IWRM.
“We have to avoid the fragmented approach on the IWRM and remind ourselves that we need partnership, we need coordinated action and also we need results. Working together works, and working together leads to better, more sustainable outcomes and lasting change. Let's come back again, let's continue this conversation, let’s craft a detailed action plan and let's continue the IWRM journey”, said Asec. Planta in his closing message.
In 2020, the IWRM survey and performance assessment on SGD 6.5.1 was conducted, wherein information was collected and a report was submitted to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). As of the 2021 work plan, a series of Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) have been conducted to identify the top challenges for each of the following IWRM themes/pillars – Water for People, Water for Ecosystems/Environment, Water for Economy and Development and Water-Related Disasters and Hazards.
This event was also the soft launching of the GWP-SEA Water Security Open Program, a platform of the water security indicator. It is a system that can consolidate the ideas of everyone regardless of their location and can contribute to water security projects. It can also monitor the status of all water security-related information. The grand launching of the said program will be conducted in April 2022 in Japan.