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Advisory suspensionAugust21 2021

Further Amending the Policy Guidelines on the Processing and Issuance of Water Permits (WPs) and Conditional Water Permits (CWPs)
NWRB Res. No. 15-0921 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on September 22, 2021 which provides that all holders of CWP for municipal use shall secure a CPC and maintain the same in good standing until the WP has been issued, otherwise, the CWP will be cancelled or revoked. On the other hand, all holders of a WP for municipal use shall maintain the legality and good standing of a CPC, otherwise the same can be a ground for the cancellation of the WP. Likewise, water permittees for municipal use not required by law to secure a CPC shall also maintain their WPs in good standing, otherwise the same may be cancelled or revoked.
Standard Rules and Regulations in the Operation of Waterworks Systems, As Revised 2021
NWRB Res. No. 14-0921 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on September 22, 2021 which embodies modifications on the existing rules and regulations in the operations of waterworks systems.
Granting of Authority to Executive Director and/or Deputy Executive Director to Represent NWRB in All Civil and Administrative Cases
NWRB Res. No. 14-0821 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on August 25, 2021 that grants authority to the Executive Director and/or Deputy Executive Director to represent NWRB in all civil and administrative cases where NWRB is a party, either as a complainant/petitioner or respondent/defendant, before any court of law or such other tribunals.
Extension of Time on the Submission of Annual Report and Payment of Supervision and Regulation Fees During the State of Public Health Emergency
NWRB Res. No. 05-0221 was approved by the Board on its meeting held on February 17, 2021 which provides CPC grantees a two (2) months extension period on the submission of Annual Reports and payment of Supervision and Regulation Fees, which fall due on May 30, 2021 and September 30, 2021, respectively during the State of Public Health Emergency.


The National Water Resources Board (NWRB) conducted a clean-up in Baseco beach and Manila Bay on January 8, 2020 in line with the campaign of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to rehabilitate Manila Bay.


Fifty-two (52) NWRB personnel gathered at the Baseco beach and Manila’s baywalk area together with the Land Management Bureau (LMB) staff. DENR Undersecretary for Priority Programs and Field Operations-Luzon, designated as the Manila Bay Task Force Ground Commander, Juan Miguel Cuna, led the cleanup drive.

The rehabilitation is one of the key projects of DENR under Administrative Order No. 16, Series of 2019 and the Supreme Court continuing Mandamus Order. It aims to rehabilitate and restore the beauty and life of the Manila Bay to a point where its waters shall be fit for swimming, skin-diving, and other forms of contact recreation. A total of Php 42.95 billion was allotted for the three-year duration of the rehabilitation project. This includes the clean-up of Manila Bay, as well as the relocation of settlers residing in the area.

Manila Bay is one of the important landmarks of the Philippines, hence, its rehabilitation is a priority of the current administration. As DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu once said, “The ‘Battle for Manila Bay’ is one battle that will be won not with force or arms but with the firm resolve to bring Manila Bay back to life, with the commitment and determination of every Filipino to do his share in this rehabilitation effort, we have already won the battle for Manila Bay”.

The Battle for the rivers and esteros was conducted last March 31, 2019, a cleanup of designated esteros and waterways in Pasig-Marikina-San Juan Rivers.