During the 70th Board Meeting dated September 24, 2008,  Resolution No. 004-1008 was passed authorizing the NWRB Executive Director to grant an extension on a conditional water permit (CWP) for the period  not exceeding six (6) months. Extensions beyond six  (6) months shall be submitted to the Board for approval/ disapproval. Requests for extension shall be filed before its expiration and should be justified by the Applicant with detailed work schedule, if applicable.


However, there is no concrete policy guidelines that set limits on the number of times that requests for extension on CWPs can be granted. This proposed policy guidelines will give the underlying support to limit requests for extension. The following are hereby recommended:

1.    All holders of CWP shall be granted a period of six (6) months extension subject to the approval of the Executive Director. The CWP holder can apply for the six (6) months extension period only twice. Request for extension shall be filed prior to expiration date.

2.    Only a maximum of one (1) year extension shall be granted except for hydropower purpose which have a maximum of two (2) years. Extension of more than the maximum allowable year shall no longer be allowed and said CWP shall be automatically revoked.

3.    Holders of a revoked CWP who availed of the maximum period of one (1) year extension may reapply the same within a period of six (6) months but will be treated as new application and shall be required to submit new set of documents. The applicant can only reapply once and will no longeR be entitled for an extension.  

4.    All holders of revoked CWP who did not request for an  extension shall only be allowed a one (1) time refiling within a period of six (6) months.

5.    All documents submitted in connection with the revoked CWP shall be returned to the applicant.