The NATIONAL WATER RESOURCES BOARD (“the Board”), a government institution, created and existing under Philippines, with office address at 8th Floor, NIA Building, EDSA, Quezon City, states:

The National Water Resources Board (NWRB) is the national coordinating and regulating agencies of all water resources management and development tasked with policy formulation and coordination, regulation of water use thru the issuance of water permit and regulation of private water service providers thru the issuance of Certificate of Public Convenience.
During the Water Pre-Summits conducted for the preparation of the National Water Plan towards water security held on May 31, June 6, July 5 and 12, 2017, the strengthening of NWRB by provision of additional resources to accommodate the increasing demands of stakeholders was a recommendation that emerged.
During the 5th Steering Committee (Towards a Comprehensive National Plan For Water Security: Roadmap Preparations) meeting held at Malacañang on August 17, 2017, it was agreed that the strengthening of NWRB can be adopted immediately by providing additional P33.8M to set-up and operationalize Extension Offices in Visayas and Mindanao.
The creation of NWRB Extension Offices is in support to the pronouncement of President Duterte on bringing government services closer to the people and decentralization of the functions of NWRB to be more accessible in the Visayas and Mindanao regions;is a recommendation during the Technical Budget Hearing.
In the General Appropriation Bill,   an amount equivalent of P11 million was inserted for the establishment of NWRB extension offices in the aforementioned regions which was approved by Senate and included in the NWRB budget for 2018 under the General Appropriations Act.
THEREFORE,  it is hereby proposed to establish NWRB Extension Offices in Visayas and Mindanao;
The NWRB Extension Office shall serve as the field office to handle resource regulatory functions of NWRB to strengthen and decentralize the functions of NWRB to be more accessible to all water users in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.   The staff shall coordinate with the existing Water Resources Utilization Section of the DENR Regional Offices.
The NWRB Extension Office shall be established in the following areas:

NWRB Visayas Extension Office: Cebu City
NWRB Mindanao Extension Office: Davao City

The area of jurisdiction of the Visayas Extension Office shall be Regions VI (Western Visayas), VII (Central Visayas) and VIII (Eastern Visayas) while the area of Jurisdiction of the Mindanao Extension Office shall be Regions IX (Zamboanga Peninsula), X (Northern Mindanao), XI (Davao Region), XII (SOCCSKSARGEN), XIII (Caraga) and Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

An office space shall be rented out in each site to serve as the NWRB Extension Office in the area.


The 2018 budget for the establishment of the NWRB Extension Offices shall be P5.5M/Office.  The budget for 2019 and onwards shall be included in the General Appropriations of NWRB from the Department of Budget and Management.


For 2018, each NWRB Extension Office shall initially have eight (8) staff composed of the ff:

From NWRB:

•    One (1) NWRB staff (at least Salary Grade 22)
•    Two (2) Engineers (Salary Grade 15-19)
•    One (1) Administrative Support staff

From the field:

•    Two (2) Job Order staff (Engineer)
•    One (1) Driver
•    One (1) Utility staff

The number of staff may be increased depending on the organizational structure and budget that would be approved for 2019.  


    A.  NWRB Extension Office
Resource and Economic Regulation

1.    Accepts and evaluates WPA upon completion of requirements for endorsement to NWRB Central Office (CO) for review and approval;
2.    Accepts CPC application upon completion of requirements for endorsement to NWRB C.O. for hearing and technical/financial evaluation, review and approval;
3.    Accepts payment for fees and charges in the form of check or Postal Money Order (PMO) and issues acknowledgement receipt for all payments thereof;
4.    Accepts, evaluates and approves application for registration of wells for domestic use; and
5.    Conducts site investigation on water use conflicts referred by the Board.
Monitoring and Enforcement
1.    Conducts monitoring of compliance of water grantees, CPC grantees and illegal water appropriations
2.    Monitors non-permittee water appropriators with the existing Water Resources Utilization Section (WRUS) of the DENR Regional Offices and other deputized agencies;
3.    Issues Show Cause Orders to illegal water users and Notice of Violation to non-complying water permittees and CPC grantees;
4.    Conducts closing and sealing of deepwells;
5.    Distributes the Notice of Cancellation of Water Permits to various local government units in their area of jurisdiction for posting.


1.    Issues Water Table Depth Certification for proposed memorial parks and cemeteries;
2.    Serves the Statement of Account (SOA) to water permit grantees referred by NWRB C.O.; and
3.    Provides technical support to WRUS in the conduct of IEC campaign