Fees and Charges
Pursuant to Administrative Order No. 31 series of 2012 and per NWRB Resolution No. 03-0715 dated 22 July 2015, the National Water Resources Board on its 144th Meeting of the Reconstituted Board approved the following fees and charges
Water Code IRR Amendment
Pursuant to NWRB Resolution No. 09-0916 dated September 28, 2016,   the NWRB on its 158th Regular Board Meeting approved the revisions on Sections 5-14 of the Amended Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Water Code of the Philippines relative to WPA processing:.

Tariff Setting
This manual presents the guidelines and fundamentals of the rate making process and related practices and serves as a resource that NWRB or the private water utility may use as a guide in establishing the basis on which rates are founded, in calculating the rates and in the analysis of its validity.

Deputation of DENR
NWRB Resolution No. 15-1116 was issued on December 01, 2016 during the 160th Board Meeting that deputizes the DENR Regional Offices on certain functions of water use regulation..